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food: miho aikawa & hannah whitaker

food photography is a very indulgent hobby of mine, I love looking at photographs of food and thinking about how food can continually be shot differently in any way and for any purpose. 

a couple of projects seen around the web recently take the environmental portrait and the food photographs and combines them expertly for stories on eating habits.

Japanese photographer, Miho Aikawa’s work the way new yorkers eat their dinner. (all photographs from screen grabs on )





Miho’s ability to capture the natural color palette in these environments is quite visually powerful. for a story that seemingly could stand on the images alone, the captions are integral to the consumption of information presented. 

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the box’s purpose

a sort of introductory to this blog would be: I am a photo editor who seeks to share my interests and opinions in the manner of a digital sketchbook on photographic aesthetics.

readers of a photo box should expect to see posts about photography found in print, online and in the wild. art, editorial, and commercial industries produce a plethora of images but that isn’t to say they are always worth noting. 

after all, the photos we keep in boxes are the ones best kept in our minds.